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Getting your RV out of storage for the first time in the spring is always exciting. Before you’ve even left the storage facility, you’re probably already dreaming of the exciting places you’re going to visit this season. However, when you step into your RV for the first time, you’ll immediately realize that spring cleaning has to come first. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself uncomfortable throughout your first trip–both when you’re driving and when you’re trying to get to sleep. Here are a few quick tips for cleaning your RV before you head off on your first trip of the year.

  • Air out your RV. Over the course of the long winter, the air in your RV will become stale and musty, which can start to bother you even on the short drive home from the storage facility. Therefore, it is essential to air out your RV before you hit the road on your first trip. If possible, choose a clear, mild day with a light breeze, and open the doors, windows, and skylight for a few hours.
  • Dust, vacuum, and mop. Even at the best RV storage facilities, dust inevitably builds up on the floors, cabinets, and tables in your RV. After your RV is aired out, take an afternoon to dust all the cabinets and tables with a microfiber cloth. You should also vacuum and/or mop all floor surfaces. Warm soapy water is usually effective, but if you notice signs of mold, you may want to use bleach instead. If that is the case, take a few hours to air out your RV again when you’re done
  • Shake out your cushions and mattresses. If you left the cushions and mattresses in your RV while it was in storage, the odds are good that there has been significant dust accumulation. Take them outside and shake them off–or better yet, hit them with a solid walking stick or baseball bat. That way, you won’t be surprised by a puff of dust when you first sit on the back seat or lay down on the mattress.
  • Finish it off with an air freshener. Even after your RV is clean and aired out, you might still notice a slightly stale smell after it has been in storage for so long. In advance of your first trip, choose a mild air freshener that gives your RV that good-as-new smell you want when it’s finally time to hit the road.

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