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With summer right around the corner, there’s no better time than now to begin planning a weekend RV getaway in Arizona. But while Arizona is home to hundreds of fun-filled travel destinations, a few stand out from the rest. Whether you’re vacationing alone or with family, you should consider the five following weekend RV getaways in Arizona, all of which are guaranteed to create lasting memories.

All of the locations below are located in northern Arizona.  You can obviously opt to visit one at a time within a long weekend.  Or, you can make a road trip and visit all locations in one go.  Take, say, 10 -14 days and visit all locations on the list.  You could do that in less time, but with 10-14 days you’ll have plenty of time to rest up from the drive and get some quality time at each location.

Not in ranked order, take a trip!

#1) Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu, Arizona

Lake Havasu, Arizona

Separating California and Arizona, Lake Havasu has become one of Arizona’s most popular summer vacation destinations. This freshwater reservoir spans approximately 619,400 acre-feet, offering plenty of space for boating, fishing, skiing and sunbathing. And according to the Lake Havasu City Convention & Visitors Bureau, it receives 300 days of sunshine a year.

There are around a dozen RV parks and grounds in Lake Havasu City. The Islander Rv Resort is a popular RV park that offers a heated pool right next to the lake. Regardless of where you stay, though, you should reserve your site in advance. RV campgrounds in Lake Havasu City quickly fill up during summer.

#2) Lake Powell

Lake Powell, USA

Lake Powell, USA as seen from a kayak cockpit

Another Arizona lake to consider visiting for a weekend getaway this summer is Lake Powell. Cutting through Arizona and Utah, it attracts more than 2 million people each year. With a surface area of 161,390 acres, Lake Powell is the second-largest manmade water reservoir, surpassed only by Lake Mead. Aside from traditional watersports and activities, Lake Powell offers land-based activities like horseback riding, canyon tours, hiking tours and even air tours. The

There are several RV campgrounds directly on Lake Powell, including the Wahweap, Bullfrog and Halls Crossing campground. The Wahweap campground is located one-quarter mile inshore from the Wahweep Maria, allowing easy access to boat rentals, restaurants and shopping. All RV campgrounds at Lake Powell offer free Wi-Fi.

#3) The Grand Canyon National Park

We can’t talk about Arizona’s top weekend getaway destinations without mentioning the Grand Canyon. Located within two hours’ drive time of Phoenix, it’s the perfect place to get away from the city and enjoy its unusually cool summers.

Grand Canyon, AZ

Grand Canyon, AZ

Nestled in the northwestern corner of Arizona, the Grand Canyon National Park contains part of the Grand Canyon’s gorge as well as the Colorado River. Available activities include hiking tours, biking, mule trips, whitewater rafting, helicopter tours and hot-air balloon tours. Because it’s a national park, the Grand Canyon National Park offers free entry on select days of the year, including September 22 and November 11.

There are three primary types of RV campgrounds in the Grand Canyon National Park: The Mater Campground, Desert View Compound and Trailer Village. Visit the Grand Canyon National Park website to learn more about available RV campgrounds.

#4) Meteor Crater

Located off Interstate 40, about 37 miles east of Flagstaff, Meteor Crater is exactly what it sounds like: a huge crater that was created by a meteorite impact. It’s believed that a meteorite – about 160 feet in diameter – smashed into the area at speeds of 8 to 12 miles per second, leaving hind a massive 560-foot deep crater.

Meteor Crater is owned by a private company, the Barringer Crater Company. You can pay to visit the crater and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. According to the company’s website, tourists can take guided tours, watch movies and explore one of three lookout points over the crater’s edge. Meteor Crater ranks #3 on TripAdvisor’s list of things to do in Winslow, Arizona.

Meteor Crater also has its own RV park. In fact, it ranks as one of the state’s top RV parks. It’s dog-friendly, offers private bathrooms and showers, and is close to the Twin Arrows casino. The Meteor Crater RV Park even has a recreation room with a TV, washing machine and dryer, and kid’s toys.

Meteor Crater is only a 35-minute drive away from the Grand Canyon, so consider adding them both to your getaway itinerary.

#5) Petrified Forest National Park

Finally, the Petrified Forest National Park is a forest of ancient petrified wood in Northeastern Arizona. Over the course of thousands of years, the organic plant matter of trees in this forest was replaced with minerals. This fossilization process resulted in dazzling crystalized trees, or what’s more commonly known as petrified wood. Keep in mind that you aren’t allowed to take any petrified wood from the park, but you can take all the photos you want.

The Petrified Forest National Park allows you to drive through and explore a forest full of petrified wood. Activities include guided tours, wilderness viewing and cultural demonstrations. The National Park Service permits backcountry camping here, but you’ll need to choose a separate campground outside the park for RV camping.

These are just a few destinations to consider for your next summer RV getaway in Arizona. When choosing a destination, make sure there’s an available campsite with your preferred hookup. After all, there’s nothing worse than driving across state, only to discover there are no vacant sites.