Safe and Secure RV and Boat Storage

Peace of Mind

Security for your property at Absolute Storage is something we take very seriously. We give you a solid peace of mind at some of the lowest rates around. So Safe, it’s like parking in your own garage.

Human Staff

During regular business hours, Monday thru Saturday, your property is overseen by a staff of 11 onsite and observant people (we also operate Absolute Steel from these premises). This means your property is under the watchful eye of real human beings.

Being staffed means that if you’re in a jam, we can probably help you out and do. We have forklifts, run by certified operators, who can move or lift smaller units up (in the event you have no jack) and if your batteries are dead – we can give you a jump but that isn’t usually necessary because all spaces have access to 110 outlets.

When you store your possessions at Absolute Storage we look at you as a neighbor and indeed you are; we share the property and we want to be good neighbors for you.

Video Surveillance

Additionally, Absolute Storage has 24/7 video monitoring. This explains why in over 21 years we have never had one incident wherein the property’s security was ever breached.

Don’t leave your valuable property in an unattended lot!

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